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Soft Story Buildings were responsible for a significant damages during the past earthquakes in the Bay Area such as during the 1989 Loma Preieta Earthquake, and Los Angeles Northridge Earthquake in 1994. During these earthquakes thousands of homes collapsed partially or totally.


Established in 1991

Safe Engineering Construction has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area for 20+ years. Michael, a Licensed Contractor(A.&B.#564297) and Registered Engineer(#43437), founded Safe Engineering after working for several Building Inspection Departments for 8+ years. During his work for the Building Departments he came across many engineering projects on the construction of Earthquake and FOUNDATION RETROFIT in the Bay Area. Michael knows a good engineering solution to every project and that, along with his good construction workmanship, has proven to be very successful. Basing their practice on customer satisfaction and good workmanship in engineering and construction, Safe Engineering helps prevent catastrophe from occurring to both buildings and lives in the event of a major earthquake. They have made homes more livable and enjoyable by re-leveling their floors, repairing their foundations, adding garages and ADDITION, and more. They have done it for others, and can do it for you too!

Meet the Business Owner: Michael R.

Michael Rasooly, the founder of Safe Engineering Construction, has been a Licensed Engineer and Contractor since 1985. Michael holds both a Bachelors in Architecture and a Masters of Science in Civil and Structural Engineering. Before finding Safe Engineering Construction, he has served as a Plan Check Engineer for the Building Departments of several cities for 8+ years. He is specialized in Earthquake and Foundation Engineering and Construction for commercial, industrial, and apartment buildings and residential homes. Michael continues to conduct retrofits according to the latest engineering standards and construction practices to deliver the most efficient and economical projects. As a project engineer, he takes the project from the beginning, taking it through the permit process, ensuring the process takes the least amount of time needed for approval, and ensures that the project passes all building inspections. He himself supervises the entire construction from beginning to end. With about eight years of work experience in the Building Department and with a graduate degree in Structural Engineering with specialization in Earthquake Engineering, he was very well prepared to begin his second phase in his career as a Consulting Structural Engineer and a Contractor with specialty in STRUCTURAL REPAIR and Earthquake Engineering

More About us

Safe Engineering Construction is a Design / Build Company with a team of professional Designers, Structural Engineers and experienced construction team to protect your investment and make your home or apartment building, or commercial building safe for it's residences by upgrading it's foundation, and structure for earthquake and SOFT STORY RETROFIT

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License and Insurance Information:

California Registered Engineer Lic. # 043437

California Contractors State License Board

License #564297


  • General Engineering Contractor
  • General Building Contractor

Worker's Compensation

State Compensation Insurance Fund

Policy # 1920061

  • New Deck Foundations
  • Soft Story Correction
  • Underpinning Foundations
  • New Second Story
  • Create more living spaces
  • Waterproofing
  • Hillside Failure or Landslide
  • Leaning Retaining Wall
  • Leaning Retaining Wall
  • Poor Drainage
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